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The seven hills of Amman are an enchanting mixture of ancient and modern.
Honking horns give way to the beautiful call to prayer which echoes from the stately minarets which grace the city.
Gleaming white houses, kabab stalls and cafe interspersed with bustling markets - known in Arabic as souqs - and the remains of civilizations and ages long past.
Sunset is perhaps the best time to enjoy Amman, as the white buildings of the city seem to glow in the fading warmth of the day.
The greatest charm of Amman, however, is found in the hospitality of its residents. Visitors to Amman - and the rest of Jordan, for that matter - are continually surprised by the genuine warmth with which they are greeted.
"Welcome in Jordan" is a phrase visitors will not soon forget. Amman is built on seven hills, or jabals, each of which more or less defines a neighborhood. Most jabals once had a traffic circle, and although most of these have now been replaced by traffic lights, Amman's geography is often described in reference to the eight circles which form the spine of the city. First Circle is located near downtown, and the series extends westward through Eighth Circle.